Panasonic 4 hp C-SBR145H38Q heat pump compressor air supply model

Panasonic 4 hp C-SBR145H38Q heat pump compressor air supply model

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PRODUCT INFORMATION OF DANFOSS Panasonic 4 hp C-SBR145H38Q heat pump compressor air supply model


4p Panasonic compressor C-SBR145H38Q gas supply model heat pump compressor R22 refrigerant gas supply model use standard and use limit:

Evaporating Temperature Range (Evaporating Temp): -30~+15℃{0.06~0.69MPa(G)}

Condensing Temperature Range (Condensing Temp.): +20~+68℃{1.09~2.78MPa(G)}

Compression Ratio: 1.5-17

Motor winding temperature Winding Temp: 115°C (below Max.

Panasonic Panasonic Compressor C-SBR145H38Q is a 4HP R22 refrigerant air supplement type heat pump compressor produced by Panasonic Compressor (Dalian) Co., Ltd., with displacement of 66.8cm3/rev, heating capacity of 12100W, input power of 3600W, HCOP3.36W /W, current 6.7A.

Panasonic heat pump compressor C-SBR145H38Q technical parameter specifications: heating/cooling capacity, operating current, power, high and low pressure, etc.

Panasonic 4 HP R22 heat pump compressor C-SBR145H38Q Maintenance and replacement precautions: Refrigerant/fluorine/refrigerant model and charging amount, refrigeration lubricating oil model and adding amount, high and low pressure values, operating current values, suction and discharge air temperature range, etc.

Dalian Panasonic Compressor C-SBR145H38Q is used in the field of heat pump and other similar brands: Copeland Compressor, Danfoss Compressor, Inwalt Compressor, Hitachi Compressor, Highly Compressor, and performance parameter data comparison.

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